Feed the Movement continued to supply farm produce to the Occupy kitchens in New York and Boston into last winter; however, as the Occupy movements became more decentralized, and the kitchens stopped serving large meals, we stopped supplying food. For now, the Feed the Movement community is on sabbatical, until new inspiring events and projects reinvigorate our network.


Feed the Movement is a grassroots effort to supply fresh produce from our region’s small farms to the kitchens of the ongoing Occupy movements in New York and New England.

We’re collecting donations so that we can pay the farmers for their contributions, thereby supporting both the Occupy movement and the small farm economy at the same time! 100% of donations go towards buying food from small regional farms.  Everything else is done by volunteers.

As part of the effort, we’re shooting photos and videos of the farms and farmers who are donating produce – bringing voices from rural farming communities into the conversation surrounding Occupy Wall St.

We hope that the effort will grow to connect small farmers and occupation movements all across the country!

WNYC profiled New York’s Occupied Kitchen and their partnership with Feed the Movement. Click here to view.