About Us

Feed the Movement is an open, leaderless grassroots effort to organize a food supply chain from our region’s small farms to the kitchens of the ongoing Occupy movements in New York and New England.  This effort came about thanks to the enthusiasm of farmers and food advocates, who have donated their time, money and produce to the cause.  Now we are raising donations from the concerned public so that we can pay the farmers for their produce, thus supporting both the local small-farm community and the Occupy movement at the same time.

We are also documenting the farms, farmers and other volunteers with photos and videos, in order to bring voices from rural farming communities into the conversation surrounding Occupy Wall St. We feel that it is important that farming and food system issues be included in the political narrative of the Occupy Wall St movement and the broader conversation about taking back control of systems and spaces that propel and support our communities.

Anybody can get involved in this effort – farmers, delivery drivers, documenters, organizers, publicizers, cooks, and others – check out the Get Involved page of this site. Currently, we are delivering donated produce to the Occupied Kitchens that feed the OccupyWallSt, OccupyBoston and OccupyBurlington VT camps, from farms in western MA and VT.   Hopefully, this model will spread, and perhaps our efforts here might serve as a sort of organizational forum for those already doing this work, or looking to make it happen.  The movement can grow to connect small farmers and occupations all across the country!


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