Here are some of the farms that have been donating their produce to the Occupy movement.  So far, they’re donating despite having been devastated by floods, despite earning peanuts for endless hard work, despite having already dedicated large parts of their lives to growing positive social and economic change.

We’re collecting donations which will enable us to pay them for their produce – so we can, together in solidarity, work to support the small farming economy and the OccupyWallSt movement.

We’ve also begun to accept donations of prepared food from restaurants committed to supporting both local food and regional Occupy gatherings. Scroll below the farms to see a list of names and links.

Check out video profiles on the ‘Profiles’ page.

Fair Food Farm, East Calais, VT

Blackwell Roots Farm, Cabot, VT

Littlewood Farm, Plainfield, VT

Gypsy Meadows Farms, Plainfield, NH

FoodWorks Farm at Two Rivers Center, Montpelier, VT

-Osprey Hill Farm, North Middlesex, VT

Hazendale Farm, Greensboro VT

-Riverside Farm, East Hardwick VT

River Berry Farm, Fairfax VT

Foote Brook Farm, Johnson VT

High Mowing Seeds, Wolcott VT

Wellspring Farm, Marshfield VT

Clark Brothers Orchards, Ashfield, MA

Quonquont Farm, Whately, MA

Next Barn Over Farm, Hadley, MA

-Upinngil Farm, Gill, MA

Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton MA

-Winter Moon Farm, Hadley MA

Laughing Dog Farm, Gill MA

Local restaurants:
The Peoples Pint, Greenfield, MA