Get Involved

This effort is young – join in and help out!  Please help us to spread the word about what we are doing, so we can make connections with interested people, raise awareness of food and farming issues, and raise funds to pay farmers.

We are looking for volunteers to reach out to farms, create delivery networks, and work with folks at the occupied kitchens to make this all run smoothly. We are also looking for volunteers to document the effort, gathering messages from farmers, chefs, and volunteers about why they support the Occupy movement, why they farm, and what connections they draw between small farming and the larger social and economic issues that are inspiring the Occupy movement.

Those interested in getting involved in Feed the Movement can:

-Join our open Google group

-Contact us directly at

Wish list:
Do you have a truck or van that volunteers can use, regularly or on a one-time basis, to deliver food from western Massachusetts to the Occupied Kitchen in New York City? If you do, please send us an email…we promise to be very nice to your vehicle.